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Fully Hydraulic Tunneling Face Drilling Rig Machine For Tunnel Support

Fully Hydraulic Tunneling Face Drilling Rig Machine For Tunnel Support

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Product Details
Product Name:
Fully Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbos Tunnel Anchor Bolt Carrier Used For Tunnel Support
Overall Dimensions:
14330*2180 *2380/3080mm
Applicable Section Of Anchor Rod:
10 * 7.5m
Drilling Diameter:
Φ43mm- Φ89mm
Drill Hole Depth:
Motor Power:
Overall Weight::
Walking Type:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Nude or as per customer's requirement.
Delivery Time
3-5 work days
Supply Ability
5 sets per month
Product Description

Fully Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbos Tunnel anchor bolt carrier used for tunnel support
DW551 is a small and medium-sized hydraulic rock drilling equipment independently researched, developed, and manufactured by our company. It is mainly suitable for excavation and construction operations in tunnels, mining, hydropower, railway, highway, and other fields; It adopts an advanced fully hydraulic rock drilling system, equipped with an anti jamming device. It has a compact structure, and the drilling arm is extendable. It can perform multi angle and multi-directional drilling positioning relatively parallel to the working section. The climbing ability is ≤15%, the walking speed can reach 12km/h, moving speed is fast. It is an excellent underground mining and tunnel excavation mechanized drilling equipment.
Technical specifications


DW551 Fully Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbos Tunnel anchor rod cart used for tunnel support
Complete machine
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 14330*2180*2380/3080mm
Applicable section of anchor rod (b * h) 16*10.4m
Applicable section for excavation (b * h) 10*7.5m
Drilling diameter Φ43mm-Φ89mm
Drill pipe length 3700/4305/4915mm
Drill hole depth 3300/3900/4570mm
Motor power 55kw
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 250L
Overall weight 14500kg
Drilling arm
Rotation Positive 135°/Negative 225°
Propulsion downward/upward 3°/90°
Compensation 1500mm
Maximum power of diesel engine 100HP/74kw
Turning direction ±40°
Tire specifications 12.0*R20
Climbing ability ≤15%
Rear axle swing angle ±7°
Approach angle/departure angle 18°/16°
Walking speed 12 km/h on horizontal road
Minimum turning radius Inside 3.3m/Outside 6.95m
Minimum ground clearance 275mm
Driving brake wet brake
Fuel tank 110L
Electrical system
Total power 61kw
Voltage 380v
Battery 2*12v
Driving light 24v
Work light 220v
Gas supply system
Flow rate 0.36m³/min
Working air pressure 0.7Mpa
Water supply system
Flow rate 70L/min
Working water pressure 0.8-1.5Mpa

Product advantage
The advantages of a tunnel anchor bolt jumbo (or cart) include:

Improved construction efficiency: The tunnel anchor bolt jumbo allows for quick and efficient installation of anchor bolts and support operations through mechanized operations. It significantly reduces construction time and improves overall efficiency compared to manual operations.

Enhanced work safety: Tunnel anchor bolt jumbos are equipped with safety protection devices such as protective covers and safety doors, ensuring the safety of operators. The stability and precise control system of the jumbo reduce the risks associated with manual operations, minimizing the possibility of accidents.

Adaptability to complex geological conditions: Tunnel anchor bolt jumbos possess strong thrust and torsional resistance capabilities, enabling them to adapt to various geological conditions during anchor bolt installation. Whether it is soft soil, rock formations, or high-risk strata, the jumbo can perform stable construction operations.

Flexibility and versatility: Tunnel anchor bolt jumbos can be customized and configured according to specific needs to accommodate different types of anchor bolts and support operations. They can be equipped with rotation mechanisms, telescopic arms, and various specifications of drill bits, allowing for multiple functions such as anchor bolt drilling, grouting, and installation.

User-friendly operation: Tunnel anchor bolt jumbos are typically designed with ergonomic principles, offering simple and easy-to-learn operation. Operators can quickly acquire the necessary skills through basic training and manipulate the jumbo's control system for precise operations and adjustments.

In summary, tunnel anchor bolt jumbos offer significant advantages in tunnel anchor bolt installation and support operations, including improved construction efficiency, enhanced work safety, adaptability to complex geological conditions, flexibility, versatility, and user-friendly operation. They play a crucial role in advancing and developing tunnel construction projects.

Wide construction scope
The drilling arm can rotate 360°during propulsion, and the drilling arm with translational propulsion can drill holes in all directions, no dead angle;
High security
It has excellent power system, greatly improves the construction environment, and achieves green construction;
High work efficiency
The high-strength chain, combined with a high torque hydraulic motor, provides reliable pushing and pulling support during the drilling process; Accurate drilling reduces the occurrence of leakage and deviation during construction, significantly improving the blasting effect;
Operating platform
Ensure that the operator has a good field of vision, simple and convenient hydraulic control console, allowing the operator to operate easier and improve work efficiency;
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