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Seize the day and strive for victory! Brave the climb to the pinnacle of glory!


Latest company news about Seize the day and strive for victory! Brave the climb to the pinnacle of glory!

Kangyu High-Speed Railway is an important part of China's "Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal" high-speed railway network, which includes the Coastal Loop and the Beijing-Kunming Passage. It is also the first high-speed rail link with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour connecting the Guanzhong and Chengdu-Chongqing urban clusters in Shaanxi Province. The line starts from Ankang West High-Speed Railway Station and passes through Langao County, traverses the Daba Mountains, and goes through Chongqing's Chengkou County, Dazhou City and Guangan City, as well as Chongqing's Hechuan District and Beibei District, and finally connects to Chongqing's newly built Beibei South Station. The total length of the main line is 449.27 kilometers.

On August 30, 2023, DW551 was officially shipped to Langao County, Ankang City, to assist in the construction of the Kangyu Railway through the Daba Mountains. This section has poor stability of surrounding rocks and adverse geological conditions, including gas, harmful gases, weak surrounding rocks, long fractured zones, steep slopes, severe landslides, and difficulties in tunneling, posing high safety risks. The DW551 equipment is used mainly for system anchor rod and small pipe construction to achieve rock support, stabilization, and reinforcement, and to minimize collapse, thereby improving the engineering quality of the Kangyu Railway.

DW551 Anchor Rod Rock Drilling Car

The DW551 fully hydraulic rock drilling car is a medium-sized and self-developed hydraulic rock drilling equipment by our company. It is mainly used for excavation and construction in tunnels and tunnels in mining, hydropower, railway, and highway fields. The drill car adopts advanced full hydraulic rock drilling system, equipped with anti-jamming device, compact structure, and extendable drilling arm. It can perform multi-angle and multi-directional drilling hole positioning relative to the working face. It has a climbing ability of ≤15°, a walking speed of up to 12 km/h, and fast transition speed. It is an excellent drilling equipment for underground mining and tunnel excavation mechanized operations.

Operational capabilities: drilling blasting holes, anchor rod holes, grooving holes, ahead grouting holes, pipe shed construction, explosive loading, and other high-altitude operations. Working conditions: the equipment can operate at an altitude of up to 4000 meters and in environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C. It can operate normally in dusty and humid tunnel and underground environments. Tunnel engineering: tunnel excavation blasting holes, rock layer perforation, tunnel engineering drainage and gas venting in underground chambers, excavation of railway and highway single and double-line tunnels, and gas emission holes in excavation tunnels.

DW551 Anchor Rod Rock Drilling Car

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